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Industry Expertise

We have over 20 years experience in the market research industry and are full members of SAMRA (Southern Africa Market Research Association). With both local and international experience (multinational and local companies) we are skilled in all sectors of business with a wide variety or respondent types (Business-to-business, Education, Financial services, FMCG). We know what we’re doing.

Quantitative Expertise

Quantitative research is about statistics and numbers. We gain this through a variety of research methodologies in order to give you tangible insights into your business, industry and products. We offer a full service marketing research solution, which is customised to meet individual client’s specific needs.

Qualitative Expertise

Qualitative research methods are about exploring people’s attitudes, experiences, beliefs, thoughts and drivers of behaviour: it’s all about gathering in-depth information about what people think about your product, service, or industry. We have a variety of methods of achieving this and know what to do to reach your needs.

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."

Carl Sagan


Launched in 2007, Lodestar Marketing Research has built its reputation on long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships, collaborating closely with clients to enable them to make informed strategic decisions.
We offer both qualitative and quantitative research services, and spend time truly understanding our clients’ business and research needs, designing and executing solutions that best meet their research and strategic objectives.  Driven by adding value to research findings, we provide in-depth analysis of research data in order to understand and communicate the implications of the findings for our client’s industry and business.

Our Team

Sylvia Jones (MA Psychology)

Sylvia Jones (MA Psychology)

Managing Director

Sylvia is Lodestar’s Managing Director. She has worked in the marketing research industry for over twenty years, with experience that includes interviewing, focus group moderation, client service, project management and management of research teams. Sylvia is fascinated by the drivers of human emotion and behaviour, and values qualitative methodologies which yield a wealth of in-depth information about what people think, why they think that way and the impact that their thought patterns have on behaviour. She also has extensive experience with quantitative research methodologies, including online and cell phone surveys.

Bronwyn Jackson (BCom IS)

Bronwyn Jackson (BCom IS)

Project Manager

Bronwyn is is Project Manager, with project management experience in telecoms, advertising and market research. She implements and manages research projects and has particular expertise in data processing and analysis as well as in developing and managing the technological capacities that Lodestar offers.

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Special Product Offers: GPs’ Views

``Research that Gathers Valuable Insights from a GP’s Perspective``.

Lodestar Marketing Research, in partnership with Dr Gregory Green from Greendale Consulting, are proud to bring you these amazing GP insights!

RepReview (January 2016)

Qualitative and quantitative feedback from national results of 152 GPs:

  • Call times, duration and frequency
  • Sales representative attributes and characteristics (the good and the bad)
  • Detail material and use (including questions to avoid asking the Dr)
  • Continued Medical Education initiatives and material
  • Value of drop-offs, giveaways and other promotion material
  • The best pharmaceutical sales representatives and the companies they work for
  • Improving and securing access to GPs

Cost: R12 000 (excl VAT)

Report: 85 PowerPoint slides

If you would like to see the questionnaire or purchase results, please contact Sylvia Jones: sylviaj@lodestar-research.co.za / 083 303 1163

Cholesterol and its treatment (March 2015)

Qualitative and quantitative feedback from national results (53% in W Cape) of 119 GPs:

  • The importance of cholesterol control, frequency of testing, advice and treatment offered
  • Perceived patient compliance
  • Concern regarding risk factors, and potential harmful effects of statins
  • Relationship between cholesterol and the development of heart disease
  • Relationship between carbohydrates and the development of insulin resistance and heart disease
  • Relationship between a high-fat diet and the development of heart disease

Cost: R12 000 (excl VAT)

Report: 63 PowerPoint slides

If you would like to see the questionnaire or purchase results, please contact Sylvia Jones: sylviaj@lodestar-research.co.za / 083 303 1163


Quick access to the views of GPs, all with busy practices, all on your target list

Online survey:

5 GPs: R2 600 (excl VAT) per question

10 GPs: R3 800 (excl VAT) per question

Results available within 24 hours

Focus group:

5 GPs: R18 600 (excl VAT) per focus group

Topline results available within 24 hours

Full report available 5 working days after the focus group

Please contact Sylvia Jones: sylviaj@lodestar-research.co.za / 083 303 1163


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